TLT Sports specializes in using research based interventions to maximize the success of our athletes, and in the integration of ABA, physical fitness and team sports for all players. Our mission “EVERYONE CAN PLAY!!” is to bring sports and fitness to everyone who wants to play.

TLT Sports offers all individuals the opportunities to improve communication and socialization while engaged in physical fitness, sports, and games in both group and one-on-one practices. Each of program are tailored for each player or groups of players where we build on specific skills and push to reach our goals together. All skills and goals are set by a head or a lead staff member and are updated quarterly.


We work one-on-one with all motor skills, building behavioral repertoires while introducing sports fundamentals and play.


We work within groups while strengthening our motor skills, behavioral repertoires, social skill through sport play.

Making Friends (Social Groups)

Helping the ABA community provide social group, play, gathering through sports.